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Dr. Saurin Gandhi

DNB - Ophthalmology, MNAMS
(Aravind Eye Hospital, Coimbatore)
Fellow Oculoplasty (NERF)

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Through my journey of achieving the knowledge, I would like to render my special thanks to my mentors Dr. V. R. Vijayraghavan, Dr. Nitin Trivedi and all my seniors and colleagues.

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This is a first center in south gujarat dedicated exclusively to oculoplasty (ophthalmic plastic, trauma, reconstruction & ocular oncology) with this I'm looking forward to serve the community in this field with support from my seniors and colleagues. Thank you.

- Dr. Saurin Gandhi

About Eye Plasty Center

This is a center dedicated to oculoplasty . Patient with any swelling , lump, trauma, loose skin and wrinkles (cosmesis) on face are likely to benifit with a consult and so are patients with eye irritation and watering .

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