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Instructions after Surgery

Reducing swelling and bruising

These instructions are for adult patients to help reduce eyelid swelling:

1. Eyepad

You may leave the operating theatre with an eye pad on. Please do not remove the eye pad before the time instructed to by the surgeon.

2. Reduce eyelid swelling by sitting up

Sit up as much as possible during the day and sleep with your head propped up on 2 to 3 pillows at night the first few days after your surgery.

3. Cool eye masks / ice packs

Once you have removed the eyepad, or if you do not have one, you should begin cool eye mask or ice pack treatment as soon as possible.

Ice Pack Treatment

1. Specially designed masks are available from chemists - you would need to purchase several so that there is always one cooled.
2. Alternatively, a small bag of frozen peas or similar wrapped in a clean cotton cloth will make a good icepack. If ice cubes are used they need to be in a non-leaking clean clear plastic bag.
3. Sitting upright, put some clean gauze over the eyelids then apply the icepack. This can be cold and you need to hold a cloth in your hand or wrapped around your head in order to secure the icepack.
4. Try icepack application for 45 minutes every hour during waking hours if possible, but if you cannot manage this, anything longer than 15 minutes every hour is satisfactory.
5. Continue icepack applications for 3 days after surgery.


1. After cleaning the eyelids, place clean gauze gently over them, then apply the ice pack for a minimum of 15 minutes every hour for 48 hours. Then reduce for the next two days to 15 minutes every 3 hours.
2. 4 days after surgery switch to warm flannel applications for 15 minutes every 3 hours for 3 days.

For further instructions re eyelid cleaning, sutures (stitches) and how to put in eyedrops, please enquire at the Clinic.

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